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Where To Stay In Singapore

A metamorphosis took place in the historical district of Chinatown on the 12th day of December 2012. Two colonial heritage art deco buildings were transformed into the Adler Luxury Hostel. These ancient buildings which were originally a traditional pawnshop and teashop were painstakingly transformed over a period of eighteen months by skilled craftsmen into the Adler Luxury Hostel. The Adler is now graced by antique furniture that melts into the splendid flora and fauna tapestries that grace its walls. The Adler is the perfect location for visitors to indulge in a blissful affair with the Lion City. If you are pondering over where to stay in Singapore, Adler Luxury Hostel is the answer to your affordable Singapore accommodation.

The traveller’s ultimate objective is to seek new experiences and indulge in these experiences until they become pleasant memories that are never ever forgotten. For the traveller, these experiences are often related to the people they meet, the sites they see, the food they eat and last, but not least the places that they stay. However, finding an affordable place to stay that is not only comfortable, clean, friendly and plush but also provides the guest with a representation of the heritage of the land and its people is an extremely elusive endeavour. For the globetrotter trudging through distant lands with a heavy backpack, finding this temporary Shangri-La would be the ultimate blissful experience – Welcome to the Adler, Singapore’s first luxury HOSTEL where we serve this blissful experience to the weary traveller on a silver platter because at the Adler luxury does not have a price tag! We are the solution to your Singapore accommodation whenever you ponder over where to stay in Singapore!


Why Choose Adler Luxury Hostel Over A Singapore Hotel?


The Adler offers quality accommodation that is coupled with excellent service as our exceedingly competent employees know how to treat guests and are always willing to go that extra mile to ensure that guests are always presented with the best of Singapore through the Adler. Located on South Bridge Road in the heart of Chinatown, the Adler serves its guest all the magic of Singaporean nostalgia in a luxurious hostel at affordable prices without comprising the quality of service.

The Adler offers a truly unique experience as it is not only an affordable hostel, we assure our guests that it will also be one of the most comfortable accommodation that a traveller will ever encounter at the price we provide our cabins at. It is true, at the Adler, we do not charge for the luxury!

The eclectic furnishings of the Adler that gives the Adler the nostalgic character is heightened with the assortment of antique looking furniture in a truly historic building and location. The hostel boasts its aura confidently with its single sex and mixed dorms coupled with private cabins for couples with excellent settings. The Adler does justice for the century old building and it has indeed become a benchmark for other hostels to follow. The fact that the Adler maintains the ‘hostel concept’ that allows travellers to meet and share experiences of their journeys while maintaining a level of class like a 3 star hotel is an innovative way to enhance the experiences of a traveller without a doubt.

The boutique hostel has shrugged off the image of hostels being imagined as huge dorms crowded by tired travellers and dazed by the lack of privacy. For a hostel such as the Adler situated in a prime location fused with the true essence of Singapore, it is probably the best place for a traveller to stay whilst they are in Singapore, if at all they want to capture the true magic of Singapore.

The Adler allows you to experience the true magic of Singapore!

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Preferred Backpackers' Hostel - Your Value-For-Money Singapore Accommodation

Being the first of its kind, the Adler luxury hostel is not only perfect for backpackers and budget travellers, it is also an adventurous treat for high end travellers who want to experience something different . Each “Adler” cabin bed is uniquely designed with comfort, convenience and luxury in mind to heighten the hostel guest’s sleeping experience. Each sleeping cabin is fitted with cove lighting, reliable lockers, universal power sockets and blackout curtains to ensure personal privacy. The Adler also provides complimentary luxury items such as hair and shower gel to make your stay at the Adler a pleasant experience.

Check out Adler Luxury Hostel’s Suite Dorms


Single Cabin

Mixed Dorm
$ 55night

Single Cabin Vault

6 Beds Mixed Dorm
$ 58night

King Cabin

Mixed Dorm
$ 120night

Queen Cabin

Female Dorm
$ 120night

What Our Beloved Customers Have To Say

Even in a room of 16 beds, it feels like you were in a private room, because you get your own capsule bed (which is not small by the way), with a curtain, a locker, power sockets and cloth hangers.
Prach P. - Thailand
Adler and his staff are really friendly and welcoming. They are always available and ready to give you advice and assistance on things to see and how to get there.
I stayed for 8 nights and loved it. I definitely recommend this Hostel and
I will come back again.
Marie – Australia
Places were kept very clean all the time. Provide perfect privacy for each beds. Staffs were very helpful and knowledgeable. Located in the heart of Chinatown, easy to access to everywhere. I'd love to stay here again.
Sue – United States of America
I booked this because of its great pictures and excellent reviews. and the great pictures are true, you get what you see online. Reviews are true as well, amazing staff, friendly residents, many insider tips, discounted insider tips, fine tea(I really never expect hostel with this kind of collection), free zouk passes.
Kimberly – Netherlands
It is a cute place in the middle of Chinatown. It's walking distance from the Bayfront and very close to a metro station. The facilities are good, well maintained and comfortable. The staff is very polite and attentive.
Carlos – Australia
This is a fantastic place to relax and regain your energy. The staff is very attentive to your needs, friendly and knowledgable. I stayed in the female dorm on the top floor and you can't hear any noise from the outside at all. Everything is top notch basically, I was very comfortable here.
Jennie – United Kingdom

Singapore Attractions - Places To Visit In Singapore

Where to go in Singapore? Places to visit in Singapore

Some of the must see places in Singapore include the Heritage District where the Adler Hostel is located in, at the heart of Chinatown which still surprise travellers with the numerous authentic calligraphers and fortune tellers that give the entire place an air of bygone days. Chinatown eventually streams of to downtown Singapore where the Colonial District is snugly located flanked by what is known as Little India where aromatic spice stores scent the air. Other noteworthy places such as Bukit Timah and the Zoological gardens lies towards the North of the city whereas the eastern coast of the tiny republic has restaurants that serve an assortment of seafood by restaurants that are elegantly set along the soft white sandy beaches of Singapore.

For the more adventurous, The Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios, Night Safari and Marina Bay are definite attractions that must not be missed. Singapore is blessed with more than 4 dozen islands and islets surrounding it and although almost every single one of them is worthy of a visit, the most popular among the smaller islands is the Island of Sentosa which is an island amusement park that is linked to the main island on the south coast via a causeway as well as a cable car. Sentosa island is considered by many as the party centre in Singapore as nightlife on Sentosa can only be described in one word – EXTRAVAGANT!

Once in Singapore visitors cannot help but note that each enclave around would have its own unique and inimitable character, which makes Singapore a ‘must see place’ in the world. Visitors to Singapore a never disappointed as its rich culture and amazing sites make it one of the best places there is in the entire South East Asian region!

If you are pondering over where to go in Singapore, check out our list of places to go in Singapore.

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When I first started Adler Hostel, quite frankly I thought all my customers are merely passersby in my line of work seeking short term accomodation in Singapore. After all, the world is so big and if you are an avid traveller who wants to explore the world, why would you visit Singapore twice? It turns out that I was pretty wrong. Since our inception, I have became good friends with many of our regular customers who call Adler Hostel their second home in Singapore. Weeks and months (sometimes years) pass by and before long, I see familiar faces once again gleaming in our cosy hostel. I hope to connect with you via our social media accounts below and maintain an ongoing relationship with you – the world explorer. – Founder Adler Poh

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